Grüner Knopf (Green Button)

The Green Button is a government seal for sustainably manufactured textiles. It sets binding requirements to protect people and the environment in the textile production process. A total of 26 demanding social and ecological product criteria must be met. The company as a whole must prove that it takes responsibility in its textile supply chain via a further 20 company criteria. Independent inspection bodies monitor compliance with the criteria.


Established in 2013, Amfori BEPI reviews 11 environmental performance areas ranging from energy use and greenhouse gases to chemicals management. The clear five-step approach enables companies to drive continuous improvement through supply chain mapping and analysis, improvement work and progress monitoring.

Business Social Compliance Initiative BSCI

BSCI is a platform for improving social standards in a global value chain. The organization, based in Brussels, offers commercial enterprises the adoption of or a reference to a code of conduct as well as a systematic monitoring and qualification system. BSCI’s approach consists of Code Compliance, Worker Participation and Protection, Supply Chain Management and Cascade Effect, and Grievance Mechanism. As a certified company, we are committed to educating workers about their rights, complying with BSCI principles and influencing other business partners, as well as providing a system for complaints and suggestions.

Atair Nordic Qualität und Produktsicherung


An absolute matter of course for us and our partners. We follow the annual certification with great care in order to be able to guarantee our customers flawless goods at all times.


The processing of textiles made from organically produced natural fibers is very important to us. That is why we are constantly expanding our range of GOTS items.